SoMeT 2011

New Trends in Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques

Software is the essential enabling means for science and the new economy. It helps us to create a more reliable, flexible and robust society. But software often falls short of our expectations. Current methodologies, tools, and techniques remain expensive and are not yet sufficiently reliable, while many promising approaches have proved to be no more than case-by-case oriented methods.

This book contains extensively reviewed papers from the tenth International Conference on New Trends in software Methodology, Tools and Techniques (SoMeT_11), held in St Petersburg, Russia, in September 2011. The conference provides an opportunity for scholars from the international research community to discuss and share research experiences of new software methodologies and techniques, and the contributions presented here address issues ranging from research practices and techniques and methodologies to proposing and reporting solutions for global world business. The emphasis has been on human-centric software methodologies, end-user development techniques and emotional reasoning, for an optimally harmonized performance between the design tool and the user. Topics covered include the handling of cognitive issues in software development to adapt it to the user's mental state and intelligent software design in software utilizing new aspects on conceptual ontology and semantics reflected on knowledge base system models.

This book provides an opportunity for the software science community to show where we are today and where the future may take us.

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Volume 231 Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
Edited by: Fujita, H., Gavrilova, T.
September 2011, 368 pp., hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-60750-830-4
Price: US$189 / €130