ECAI 2004 Conference Paper

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Attention-Driven Parts-Based Object Detection

Ilkka Autio, J.T. Lindgren

Recent studies have argued that natural vision systems perform classification by utilizing different mechanisms depending on the visual input. In this paper we present a hybrid, data-driven object detection system that combines parts-based matching and view-based attention for faster detection. We propose a simple competitive policy that allows incremental addition of new object classes to the system without requiring class-vs-class training. Using our framework, we show empirical support for the hypothesis that low-frequency visual information can be effectively used to direct attention and possibly subsume further, more costly analysis. We evaluate our approach on face and car detection problems, while concentrating on the capability to learn from small samples. Our implementation is freely available as Matlab source code.

Keywords: Vision, Perception, Machine Learning

Citation: Ilkka Autio, J.T. Lindgren: Attention-Driven Parts-Based Object Detection. In R.López de Mántaras and L.Saitta (eds.): ECAI2004, Proceedings of the 16th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2004, pp.917-921.

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ECAI-2004 is organised by the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI) and hosted by the Universitat Politècnica de València on behalf of Asociación Española de Inteligencia Artificial (AEPIA) and Associació Catalana d'Intel-ligència Artificial (ACIA).