ECAI 2004 Conference Paper

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A Declarative Characterisation of Disjunctive Paraconsistent Answer Sets

Joao Alcantara, Carlos Damasio, Luis Pereira

In this work, paraconsistent answer sets for extended disjunctive logic programs are presented in terms of a fully declarative approach. In order to do that, we introduce a frame-based semantics settled on a two-dimensional extension of the intuitionistic logic here-and-there. As it is known, frames are a powerful and elegant tool which have been used to characterise and integrate substructural logics. Unlike the original definition, in this process, no kind of syntactic transformation is employed. Indeed paraconsistent answer sets are defined just by minimising models satisfying some conditions. As less models are involved for this minimisation, our version is even more economical. Furthermore considering that paraconsistent answer sets embed both answer sets and stable models, these semantics are also captured via frames.

Keywords: Logic programming, Extended disjunctive programs, Frame-based semantics, Paraconsistent semantics, Knowledge representation

Citation: Joao Alcantara, Carlos Damasio, Luis Pereira: A Declarative Characterisation of Disjunctive Paraconsistent Answer Sets. In R.López de Mántaras and L.Saitta (eds.): ECAI2004, Proceedings of the 16th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2004, pp.953-954.

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ECAI-2004 is organised by the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI) and hosted by the Universitat Politècnica de València on behalf of Asociación Española de Inteligencia Artificial (AEPIA) and Associació Catalana d'Intel-ligència Artificial (ACIA).