ECAI 2004 Conference Paper

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Cooperation based on communication: An approach for an autonomous driving system

Ralf Regele, Paul Levi

Abstract Autonomous driving in real road traffic is still a unsolved challenge. While sensor systems and image processing certainly make up a great part of the needed system, intelligent algorithms for the actual driving behaviour must likewise be developed. Communication and cooperation between different vehicles on the road can be a great help for achieving such a system. In the CarTalk2000 project, a new system for inter-vehicle communication is introduced. This system, which allows the building of wireless ad-hoc networks between all equipped vehicles on the road, can be very efficiently used for drive assistant systems as well as fully autonomous driving systems. The following paper describes the cooperative driving system developed during the project, which enables the autonomous accomplishment of typical freeway situations like lane merging, overtaking up to fully autonomous freeway driving.

Keywords: Autonomous agents, Multi-agent systems, Autonomous driving

Citation: Ralf Regele, Paul Levi: Cooperation based on communication: An approach for an autonomous driving system. In R.López de Mántaras and L.Saitta (eds.): ECAI2004, Proceedings of the 16th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2004, pp.1079-1080.

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