ECAI 2023

26th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, September 30 – October 4, 2023, Kraków, Poland – Including 12th Conference on Prestigious Applications of Intelligent Systems (PAIS 2023)

Artificial intelligence, or AI, now affects the day-to-day life of almost everyone on the planet, and continues to be a perennial hot topic in the news.

This book presents the proceedings of ECAI 2023, the 26th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, and of PAIS 2023, the 12th Conference on Prestigious Applications of Intelligent Systems, held from 30 September to 4 October 2023 and on 3 October 2023 respectively in Kraków, Poland. Since 1974, ECAI has been the premier venue for presenting AI research in Europe, and this annual conference has become the place for researchers and practitioners of AI to discuss the latest trends and challenges in all subfields of AI, and to demonstrate innovative applications and uses of advanced AI technology. ECAI 2023 received 1896 submissions – a record number – of which 1691 were retained for review, ultimately resulting in an acceptance rate of 23%. The 390 papers included here, cover topics including machine learning, natural language processing, multi agent systems, and vision and knowledge representation and reasoning. PAIS 2023 received 17 submissions, of which 10 were accepted after a rigorous review process. Those 10 papers cover topics ranging from fostering better working environments, behavior modeling and citizen science to large language models and neuro-symbolic applications, and are also included here.

Presenting a comprehensive overview of current research and developments in AI, the book will be of interest to all those working in the field.

Editors: Gal, K., Nowé, A., Nalepa, G.J., Fairstein, R., Rădulescu, R.
Pages: 3326
Binding: softcover
Volume 372 of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
ISBN print: 978-1-64368-436-9
ISBN online: 978-1-64368-437-6